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"This allows companies which don’t have the time and resources to invest in developing their own IT departments, to focus on their core business."

Thomas Bergefall, Vice President, SOYA IT Marine Solutions

Soya IT Marine Solutions combines its shipping experience with state-of-the-art marine IT solutions. We know what enables an efficient operation, and what can slow it down.

Newly launched Soya IT Marine Solutions, formerly known as Wallenius Marine IT, have long-standing shipping experience from being a part of Wallenius, as well as a leading role as a developer of digital solutions for maritime applications. Going forward, Soya IT Marine Solutions will operate as an independent IT consulting company under the umbrella of Soya Group.

90 years of shipping experience

Thomas Bergefall, Vice President Soya IT Marine Solutions, says he sees huge potential in the opportunity to share the company’s extensive knowledge of both shipping and IT solutions – and, more specifically IT solutions for shipping – with a broader range of shipping companies and operators.

“In addition to our almost 90 years of shipping experience, we have long been leading the way when it comes to state-of-the-art marine IT solutions,” he says. “I look forward to sharing this with companies which don’t have the time and resources to invest in developing their own IT departments, to allow them to focus on their core business.”

Soya IT Marine Solutions embraces Soya Group’s core values: Pioneering spirit, Long-term approach, Quality, Environment and Social responsibility.

“We’ve already witnessed the advantages offered by digitalization and automation within shipping. A more efficient vessel consumes less energy, costs less to operate and has less environmental impact,” says Thomas Bergefall.

"I believe what sets us apart is the transparency of our service."

Lars Johansson, Key Account Manager Digital Shipping

Lars Johansson, Key Account Manager Digital Shipping, adds:

“I believe what sets us apart is the transparency of our service, as well as our flexibility and the high degree of trust and stability we offer. This will especially benefit small to medium-sized shipping companies and operators, many of whom have not previously had access to this level of industry-specific digital expertise.”


We offer a custom-made file replication solution between vessel and shore that can handle slow or even unavailable SAT connection. Our long experience of working with different fleet management systems, such as Star, ABS, and BASS, together with our worldwide service agreements, will help guarantee a safe and reliable operation.

With remote installations, updates, and support, we create a standardized platform for new systems and software that is easy to access, easy to use, and reduces cost by cutting out travel, waiting, and working time on board. Of course, we always test new software thoroughly before we install it on any vessel. Software patching and Windows updates are handled automatically and transferred quickly and easily via smart compression.

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