Full WIFI and camera surveillance

SOYA IT Marine Solutions are now offering this complete service integrated to our IT platform.

Usage of mobile phones or iPads connected to wifi are now available wherever you go onboard your vessel.

We had the request from one of our bigger customers and together we decided to widely extend the wifi and camera surveillance network covering the complete vessel both inside but also outdoors. This became a game changer for the customer in regards of the way they could work and have control knowing that they were always connected and could connect to any camera from anywhere on the vessel and from the offices ashore.

Now they can have real time overview of what happening onboard, investigate accidents with live video, make readings of any kind from machinery and other systems with iPads or mobile phones etc. and the management ashore can have a live feed of information. “There´s no end of the possibilities now” – comment from the customer ship management and crews onboard their vessels.

All the customer vessels now have this system installed and shows an enormous increase in efficiency in the onboard daily work.

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