SOYA IT will manage IT environment on UME Shipping AB

United Marine Egypt (UME) Shipping AB has signed an agreement with SOYA IT Marine Solutions to manage the IT environment onboard two of UME Shipping AB’s vessels. The purpose is to introduce a standardized IT environment, the ability of functional growth and to improve UME´s sustainability work.

UME Shipping are pleased to announce that we have concluded an agreement with SOYA IT Marine Solutions to service our fleet with their IT Service and Solution. We are super delighted to work with Soya Group that has a long legacy as service provider in the global shipping industry”, says Magnus Granander, Director of UME Shipping AB.

Lars Johansson, SOYA IT, and Magnus Granander, UME Shipping

The agreement was signed in the middle of February 2023 and the onboard installations of the standardized IT environment on Wasa Express and Gubal Trader, will begin in March/April. The IT environment will be up and running onboard Wasa Express in the middle of May, and Gubal Trader will follow shortly after that. Support and ongoing work with the IT environment will be handled remotely from the SOYA IT head office in Stockholm.

“SOYA IT’s service will be delivered as a fully managed end-to-end service of our vessel’s IT environment. This will facilitate our Technical and Operations department a great deal knowing our vessel’s IT infrastructure are accessible, safe and secure 24/7 regardless in which part of the world our vessels are trading in”, says Mohamed Badr, Head of Technical and Operation sector, UME Shipping Egypt.

UME Shipping AB, which was founded in Stockholm 2014, has purchased a fully managed end-to-end IT Service and Solution. This enables them to continue to develop their business, focusing on their Ship management. Standardized IT environment with round-the-clock support, the ability of functional growth and improved sustainability work to reduce climate impact are a few of the reasons to why UME Shipping AB has signed an agreement with SOYA IT Marine Solutions.

”UME chose us as supplier because of our long-standing knowledge in Marine IT and our solid experience in Shipping”, says Lars Johansson, Global Key Account Manager, SOYA IT Marine Solutions.

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