Data driven decisions

We use digitalisation and connectivity to add value to our customers’ operations. Our sensors gives input to a performance management system, which verifies compliance with regulations and requirements, such as the use of low-sulphur fuel when sailing in Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs).

Guessing is long gone

The system onboard sends big data masses from relevant sensors several times daily. Insights from the analyses support making key decisions in, for example, saving fuel or navigating through stormy weather. The monitoring contributes to:

  • Improved efficiency – following trends relating to individual technical systems, such as hull, propeller, engines and boilers. The result is qualified data driven decisions and condition-based maintenance.
  • Increased safety – monitoring improves the warning criteria in the on-board decision support system for live warnings. It gives advice in heavy weather, route planning and in training officers for difficult situations.
  • Real-time compliance verification