Standardized IT platform

When your company consists of a fleet of floating offices, your IT infrastructure has to keep up. IT should just work, and always work – regardless of where you are heading – so you can keep on sailing.

We see a fleet of ships the same way a global corporation views its many departments and offices, counting on the IT infrastructure being equally accessible, robust, and secure everywhere. The entire operation depends on it.

That’s why our model for IT infrastructure was developed on an open platform, using only standardized solutions that are compatible with every ship management system we know of.

Shipping without borders

Business has no borders. Of course, this is sort of a cliché, but at sea it’s more true than anywhere else. That spirit is in our DNA. We believe in openness, transparency, and simplicity, because that’s where the true strength of a collaboration lies.

We want things to be simple and straightforward – the world is complicated enough as it is.

Central administrator

Standardized systems reduces costs by cutting down on travel, minimizing working time on board and providing a better overview for increased cost control. Manages software installations and update packages once, and automatically deploys on any number of vessels. Centralized handling applies to creating and administrating users, authorization, permissions etc.

High availability

Virtualization enables redundancy and dynamic resource allocation for onboard IT systems. The platform also contains backup to local storage system and synchronization of data to servers ashore. It is prepared for integration to marine systems, such as automation system or bridge system.

Flexible and easy

Before installing any new software, we run it through rigorous testing. Software installations and Windows updates are handled automatically, and new Client PCs are automatically installed and configured on vessel.

Remote installations

Thanks to the remote support, you don’t have to wait for the vessel to come to port before implementation of necessary measures. With the ability to monitor and update everything remotely, all aspects are optimized and customized together with you, to make it work perfectly for your unique situation. And just to prove to you how thorough and confident we are, we developed and tested the system within our own test environment, to make sure everything works the way it should before we implemented it on the vessels. This is something we have tested on our fleet for many years.